1905c Bush Hut Slq 99183506787302061


Allegations Against Young Man.

In the City Police Court this morning, before Mr. H.L. Archdall, C.P.M.. Edwin Ernest Williams, a young man, was charged with having at Union Jack Estate, Morningside, on 17th January improperly assaulted Dore Lacey, a girl under the age of 17.

Detective Constable Mullally stated that on 20th January in company with Detective Lipp, he went to Union Jack Estate, Morningside, and, after making some inquiries, went to Runcorn, near Sunnybank, where they saw the defendant and the girl. Witness had a conversation with the girl, and then told the defendant that the girl, had been reported missing from her home, Morningside, and that the girl had told him (witness) that defendant had brought her to Runcorn, and had lived with her since 13th January. Defendant admitted that that was true, but said that he had not taken her out against her will. In reply to witness, defendant said that the girl would be 17 in March, to which witness replied, “You were told her correct age by her grandmother, and your aunt, You were told she was only 14,” Defendant said, “Yes, I suppose I will get five years for this ; I like the girl, and I am going to marry her. If I had enough money you would not have got me here. I would have been in Tasmania, and she with me. Defendant then told witness that on the night of 13th January the girl came to his hut. Shortly after the girl’s grandmother and uncle arrived any asked if she was in the hut, to which he replied, “No.”. Defendant then told the girl to go into the bush. Later she came back into the hut. Next morning defendant and the girl drove to Wynnum. They returned to the hut that night, and the following morning they went to Runcorn.

Henrietta Emilly Wiess, an elderly woman, stated that the girl, her granddaughter, would be 15 years of age on 17th March. Witness told defendant, in the presence of his aunt, the girl’s age.

Annie Elizabeth Perry, of Paddington, on whose property, the defendant was residing at Morningside, stated that she heard Mrs. Wiess, tell defendant, who was, witness’s nephew, that the girl was not yet 15 years of age. Witness added that the girl came to the hut later in the evening. Witness heard her tell defendant that she was 18 years of age. Witness had not previously told the police that the girl had made that statement.

Mr. Archdall remarked that it: was peculiar that the defendant had not told the police that.

Charles Frederick Perry, aged 10, also gave evidence.

The case, was adjourned until 2.30 p.m.

From The Telegraph, Tuesday 1 February 1921, page 2.


1905c Bush Hut Slq 99183506787302061

1905c Bush Hut Slq 99183506787302061

Image: Small hut erected in the bush, Queensland, ca. 1905, SLQ 99183506787302061, State Library of Queensland.