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The City Council’s library plan, which provides for 38 community centre libraries, will be put into operation in its initial stages in the near future.

The Town Clerk (Mr. Slaughter) said the first of the new libraries, which would be an addition to the Council libraries now, in operation in South Brisbane, Wilston and Kurilpa, was being prepared at the Hamilton Town Hall.

The School of Arts at Sunnybank had asked the Council to take over its organisation, and consideration was being given to a like proposal at the Wynnum School of Arts, which, said Mr Slaughter, was quite a good library.

Where required, new buildings would be erected in other centres, but that would depend on the progress of material supplies.

The Council had applied to the Government tor an alteration in subsidy methods, suggesting that instead of a subsidy of 50 percent of book purchases the subsidy should be 6d per head, rising eventually to 2/.

Metcalfe Report

Mr Slaughter, who was commenting on the report by Mr John Metcalfe, NSW Librarian, to the Queensland Library Board, which was officially released today, said that Mr Metcalfe had endorsed the report he (Mr Slaughter) had made on Brisbane’s libraries. Mr Slaughter’s report formed the basis of the Council’s library plan, which provides for 38 community centre libraries, each of which would cater for 10,000 people.


From The Telegraph, Friday 1 February 1946, page 5.


Olympus Digital Camera

Olympus Digital Camera

Image: Sunnybank School of Arts, c. 1990, Sunnybank Heritage Collection, Sunnybank Hills Library, Brisbane City Council.