A YOUTH, believed to be armed, and wearing a handkerchief over his face as a mask, held up two girls at Rocklea at 8.45 last night.

The girls were going from their homes at Rocklea to a dance hall in Beaudesert Road.

They said that the youth accosted them and demanded a cigarette. They were afraid, and made off.

The youth was described by the girls as wearing a striped shirt and dark trousers.

The incident occurred about 200 yards from the dance hall.

Police immediately sent two wireless cars to the spot, and an intensive search is being made in the Moorooka-Rocklea district.


From Sunday Mail, Sunday 3 February 1946, page 1.


1949 Salisbury Dance Hall Slq 99183513233402061

1949 Salisbury Dance Hall Slq 99183513233402061

Image: Salisbury Dance Hall in Brisbane, 1949, SLQ 99183513233402061, State Library of Queensland.