1937 01 Sby Fig Orchard Qsa Dr27232


Two gardeners, John T. Mearing, aged 35, and Hubert E. Beeson, aged 31, were charged before Mr. H. Archdall, C.P.M., in the City Police Court this morning, with having, on January 16, at Kuraby, stolen 10 yards of hesslan and a quantity of plants, valued at £16 4s 1d, the property of H. A. Petersen. florist, of George street. They pleaded guilty.

Detective Senior-sergeant Donnelly stated that Mearing was employed by complainant at his nursery at Kuraby, Beeson was a former employee. Recently complainant suspected Mearing of dishonesty, and he watched his movements. Yesterday morning he saw both men in Beeson’s cart leave the nursery with plants and other property. Mearing left Beeson, who was questioned. On learning that the plants had been stolen complainant took Beeson to the Moorooka Police Station. Later Detective Gooch arrested Mearing, When questioned Mearing said he and Beeson were going to start a nursery on Beeson’s property.

Complainant said he treated the defendants very well. He asked that they be made an example of as he had a number of men in his employ.

Mr. Archdall pointed out that as it was their first offence he would not send the men to gaol, but would punish them with a fine.

Beeson said complainant was actuated by jealousy because they were going to start against him.

Mr. Archdall: You propose to start in opposition to him with his property. He characterised Beeson’s statement as “bold effrontery.” Each defendant was lined £8, in default two months’ imprisonment.


From Daily Standard, Monday 17 January 1921, page 5.



1937 01 Sby Fig Orchard Qsa Dr27232

1937 01 Sby Fig Orchard Qsa Dr27232

Image: Fig Orchard in the Sunnybank District QSA DR27232, January 1937. Queensland State Archives