More to be feared than established dumps are former camp and training sites for fighting divisions which staged through Brisbane during the war.

Among these are Redbank, Lowood, Strathpine, Stafford-Chermside area, Logan Village, Southport, and many places in the north, particularly on the Atherton Tableland and round Townsville.

One of the biggest engineer stores dumps in Australia, which included high explosives, is still at Rocklea. This could foe one of the most potentially dangerous spots near Brisbane unless it is thoroughly examined before being abandoned.


From Sunday Mail, Sunday 20 January 1946, page 4.


1941 Australian Made Tanks Slq 48752

1941 Australian Made Tanks Slq 48752

Image: Australian-made tanks driving to military camps in Brisbane, 1941, SLQ 48752. State Library of Queensland