1911c Warning To W.p.o.s Cartoon Slq 99183690460502061 (resized)


Though defeated after a hard fight, Mr, J. F. F. Reid, who carried the Labor banner in Oxley in the last State elections, is able to find consolation in the appreciation of organisations that stood behind them, as the following letters, forwarded to him testify: —

From Moorooka Branch: “We are pleased to know that we were working for a true Australian, who has accepted defeat in a truly typical Australian spirit, and this fact alone has fully compensated us for our efforts. Should you ever again require our assistance wo are all most willing to fight on harder than ever on your behalf, and the Labor movement. . . We also realise (apart from politics) that in you we have made the acquaintance of one of the best.—Yours fraternally (Signed) S. L. Grenier.”

From Graceville and Corinda W.P.O.: “At a meeting of the Graceville and Corinda W.P.O. I had the pleasure of reading your letter to the members— one that could only come from a true sport and Laborite. It is a pleasure for work for one who can take defeat, in that spirit. It was decided that a letter of appreciation be sent to you. We hope to sec you a member of the A.L.P., If not for Oxley for somewhere in Queensland, and any work our members can do for you will be a pleasure to us all. —Your, etc., (Sgd.) Dave Saunders.

Other Oxley branches of the W.P.O. have expressed themselves in similar terms. ”


From Daily Standard, Friday 4 February 1921, page 5.


1911c Warning To W.p.o.s Cartoon Slq 99183690460502061 (resized)

1911c Warning To W.p.o.s Cartoon Slq 99183690460502061 (resized)

Image: Warning to W.P.O.s Cartoon, ca. 1911, SLQ 99183690460502061, State Library of Queensland.