May I introduce readers to the LIPOGRAM? This is a form of word puzzle in which only one of the vowels is used in a sentence. Lipograms were popular in old English churches and can still be seen in illuminated script on altars. I found this one in a country church; it uses the vowel “o.”

“Do not borrow from tomorrow
Do no wrong so know no sorrow.
Fools who only look for gold
Common comforts do not hold.”

Marjorie Jeffers, Coopers Plains, Qld.


From The Australian Women’s Weekly, 21 January 1981, page 52.


1920 Swd St. Matthew's Church Slq 99183505818902061

1920 Swd St. Matthew’s Church Slq 99183505818902061

Image: St. Matthew’s Anglican Church and cemetery at Sherwood, ca. 1920, SLQ 99183505818902061. State Library of Queensland.