1896 Wreck Of The Pearl Slq 99183505812502061

The Brisbane River Disaster.
(By Telegraph.)
Brisbane, February 15.


— It is impossible yet to obtain a list of persons drowned in the Pearl disaster. The police are making every enquiry, but there is great delay in reporting the names of the persons missing. The only bodies actually recovered thus far are Miss Barnes and Mrs Harper, both of South Brisbane. The, following were reported this morning as missing : — Mrs Brand of Edward-street off Bowen-road, Mr Lavens of Merton-street, Miss Corston of Wooloongabba, W. Hall (formerly of Bundaberg) senior clerk Naval Department, and Percy Harris, clerk of A.M.P. Society.

The latest reports are more hopeful, and estimate the number saved as about 46, namely, A. J. Crowther (civil servant), Reginald Pickering, Thomas Brock, D. Bowd, H. Hassall, W. Huckins, Master and Miss Moran, and Master A. Bellock ; the crew of the Pearl consisting of Captain Chard, W. Tait, engineer, W. Mutch, deck hand, and Shorkbrook, fireman Abbott, F. Gyman, A. C. Lammond, C. Woodhead, and Lannde Woodhead, E. O. Rees, R. E. Alfred, A. Geddes, G.F. Ballinger, M. A. Jarman, W.’ B. Wilson, Miss Isabella Braidwood, Master A. Henry, L. W. Groom, D. Kerr, E. J. Henzell, R. Quinton, P. Brown, C. H. Briggs, Finlayson, W. Finlayson, S. G. and M. McGrorty, Miss Lehane, Miss Cain, Miss Moran, Mrs Price, two of Mrs Hamilton’s children, James McCorkindale, some members of a family named Cook, A. Loseby, P. Williams, J. Fitzmaurice, S. Sythers, and Mrs B. Brooks.

The names or the drowiitd1 are not available, but the following are also missing besides the two whose bodies have been recovered : William Lavas, fruiterer, Wooiloongabba; Miss Ida Newman, teacher of dancing ; some members of a family named Cook ; Mr Moran, of Manly ; Charles Kinder ; a little child named Hamilton ; H. Jarman, son of Mr Jarman, saddler ; Mr McCorkingdale ; Mr Williams, manager of Pastoral Butchering Company ; Mrs Renton, Cordelia-street ; Lusdoboy ; O’Sullivan ; Mrs Bets, of Moorooka ; Samuel Charlton, of Longlang-street ; Mrs Messenger, of Wellington-road ; Mrs Worthington ; Miss Marshall, photographer’s assistant ; Mrs Gould, West End ; Miss Barnes, Bogga ; Miss Gracie Yourston, Wooloongabba ; Wellis, and W. P. Hall.

The ferry disaster is still the only theme of conversation in the city. Painful anxiety and uncertainty still prevails regarding many of the victims. Even the number aboard the Pearl is still-variously estimated from 70 to over 100. Thus far about 41 persons have been accounted for. Twenty are reported as missing, and three are known to have been drowned.

Since the partial destruction of the Victoria bridge three years ago, communication between North and South Brisbane has since been dependent on a wooden structure as a temporary bridge, and replacing the spans of the bridge that were washed away.

The present flood brought down an abnormal quantity of driftwood, which accumulated against the wooden piles of the bridge causing great anxiety for its safety. Indeed, despite all efforts, an immense mass became blocked on the upper side of the bridge, and numerous piles were broken. All Wednesday night a large gang of men were employed at clearing work, but the debris gained on them, and further piles were broken, so that the bridge and roadway were considerably out of alignment. When Thursday morning dawned the Bridge Board apparently devoted all their attention to saving the temporary bridge, deeming the destruction of the older bridge almost inevitable. They forbade all traffic over the structure. This came as a surprise to residents of the southern suburbs coming to work in the morning, and they found the greatest difficulty in. getting across the river in boats.


From Kalgoorlie Miner, Monday 17 February 1896, page 3.


1896 Wreck Of The Pearl Slq 99183505812502061

1896 Wreck Of The Pearl Slq 99183505812502061

Image: Wreck of the Pearl off Hancock Brothers Wharf, South Brisbane. (Information taken from: The Queenslander, 14 March 1896), SLQ 99183505812502061, State Library of Queensland.