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Postal Address: 7 Hall Ave, Norman Park 4170


The Bulimba District Historical Society Inc. formed in 2012, out of community interest in the research
data found by the Friends of Balmoral Cemetery. The Society takes great pride in that the former
Bulimba Divisional Board took in a large portion of Brisbane’s Southside – stretching south to the
Logan River and east to Dunwich, and even a part on the Brisbane Northside (Teneriffe). The Society,
however, focuses on the area of former Bulimba Shire (1925) – Bulimba, Balmoral, Hawthorne,
Morningside, and Cannon Hill. The Society has a very large photographic collection with a number of
documentary sources and artefacts. Its major project has been local research associated with the
World War I commemoration.